Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy St David's Day!

Well after starting off so well I have once again dropped off the blogging radar. I must say that February has been a bit of a quiet month and with all the rain and cold weather not much has been going on here.

I'm rater excited that we are now in March and spring Is only around the corner and although its still cold outside, we've had a whole week of dry weather which has been a refreshing change.

I was encouraged by the fact that we were in a new month today to get in the garden and starting planting up some of my vegetable seeds. I'm really looking forward to making a real effort in the garden this year and to be able to grow a lot of out vegetables and salad and to have a nice cutting garden to have fresh flowers throughout the summer.

Well lets hope over the next few weeks we have some little seedlings sprouting and the sunshine coming out from behind the clouds to start warming up the soil.

Thanks for reading xx

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