Saturday, August 10, 2013

And relax.......

There's nothing like getting away from home for a few days to help you relax, and that's what we did this week.  Having rushed to finished my blanket it was time to go camping to test it out.

For this camping trip we headed to Looe in south Cornwall to meet some friends for a 3 night camping trip.  I of course made sure I packed the essentials......bunt, tea lights and lanterns and of course a crochet blanket or two.

The weather was a bit up and down, but dry for the most part and it was great to spend so much time outside in the fresh air.  The children loved the freedom, and with fours boys it was great to have the space for them to burn off some energy.

Although we live in Cornwall we rarely indulge in the culinary details or we'd end up the size of a house, but we managed to tick off the holiday musts - cream tea, Cornish pasty, ice-cream, fish and chips and fudge! 

And the best part of all was how snugly and warm my camping blanket was, well worth all the time and effort!  

Now we're back home and refreshed its time to get the washing done, the tent and camping gear packed away and for me to start the next blanket.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Getting my Mojo back.....

Recently I've lost my mojo a little.  Not much has been going on in regards to crafting, baking or making.  Life seems to be flying by in a whirl of washing, cooking and cleaning... Oh and quite a few trips to the beach!

Life with two small boys is rather busy at the moment and I have got rather swept up in the everyday boring tasks and I've not felt the urge to create recently.

That all changed last week when I decided that I must get my blanket finished that I started 9 months ago for our camping trip.  As the blanket was rather wide it took me quite a while to do each colour stripe and I've been putting in a good few hours to get it finished ready for our trip.

Well it's finished, and in good time for our camping trip, which we are off on tomorrow.  Here's a few pictures of my progress and the finished product.  I must say I'm really rather pleased with it and can't wait to get snuggled under it on our camping trip.

Oh and after all that crocheting, I think my mojo is back!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Utility China Love ❤

I have developed an obsession over the last few months for 'Utility China' and I have already gathered quite a stash. By utility china I mean the plain pastel china that was produced during the war, the kind of stuff that can be found in church halls all over the country.

I am no expert in all matters of Utility china, but the main pieces I have been collecting are by Johnson Brothers and Woods Ware, although I do a few pieces by other producers.

I am totally taken by its beautiful pastel shades and am truly in love with it and can't wait to get my dresser top fixed up and my kitchen painted so I can get some of it on display. I also love how the colours work so perfectly well with my Cath Kidston bits and pieces and not only is it pleasing to the eye but its also beautiful to use as well.

I have brought bits of my collection from all over the place, some from charity shops, some from ebay and some from vintage shops and were as some bits have been picked up at bargain prices some bits have cost a bit more as people are cashing in on how collectible these pieces have become.

This is the last picture I took of all my stash, although I have required a few more pieces that I got as an early mothers day present from the boys.  If you are interested in looking at some more Utility China in all its glory head over to the Flickr group or check out Jo's blog What do you make of my cake

Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy St David's Day!

Well after starting off so well I have once again dropped off the blogging radar. I must say that February has been a bit of a quiet month and with all the rain and cold weather not much has been going on here.

I'm rater excited that we are now in March and spring Is only around the corner and although its still cold outside, we've had a whole week of dry weather which has been a refreshing change.

I was encouraged by the fact that we were in a new month today to get in the garden and starting planting up some of my vegetable seeds. I'm really looking forward to making a real effort in the garden this year and to be able to grow a lot of out vegetables and salad and to have a nice cutting garden to have fresh flowers throughout the summer.

Well lets hope over the next few weeks we have some little seedlings sprouting and the sunshine coming out from behind the clouds to start warming up the soil.

Thanks for reading xx

Friday, January 11, 2013

Busy doing nothing......

After a flying start to blogging in 2013, I came to a stall towards the end of last week as the husbands been off work and we've been out and about, pottering and just generally having fun.  We've had days out, got jobs done, done a bit of crafting and even fitted in a child free walk and coffee with a friend.  

We've had a day out at The Eden Project which the kids loved as they could run around without having to hold our hands or the fear of being run over and being in the domes meant we kept dry.  We also brought 2 year passes so I'm sure there will be many more visits to enjoy.

We also went to the reclamation yard and picked up a dresser top we'd looked at, and we've been making plans for decorating the kitchen and dining area.  Very excited to have somewhere to store my pretties, but more about that another day.

I've also done a bit of ebaying - buying and selling and had a trawl around the charity shops.  All in all its been a lovely week and we still have the weekend to look forward to.  I brought this lovely gondola basket that I've been eyeing up on ebay for a while and its perfect for carry crochet and knitting projects around the house.  

Another thing I've been getting excited about is being able to use our National Trust membership which we received as a present for Christmas.  There are some lovely houses, a couple of mines and some great beaches down here and I just pray that we have a glorious summer as there is nothing more lovely than sitting in the gardens with a lovely picnic..... fingers crossed!