Saturday, August 10, 2013

And relax.......

There's nothing like getting away from home for a few days to help you relax, and that's what we did this week.  Having rushed to finished my blanket it was time to go camping to test it out.

For this camping trip we headed to Looe in south Cornwall to meet some friends for a 3 night camping trip.  I of course made sure I packed the essentials......bunt, tea lights and lanterns and of course a crochet blanket or two.

The weather was a bit up and down, but dry for the most part and it was great to spend so much time outside in the fresh air.  The children loved the freedom, and with fours boys it was great to have the space for them to burn off some energy.

Although we live in Cornwall we rarely indulge in the culinary details or we'd end up the size of a house, but we managed to tick off the holiday musts - cream tea, Cornish pasty, ice-cream, fish and chips and fudge! 

And the best part of all was how snugly and warm my camping blanket was, well worth all the time and effort!  

Now we're back home and refreshed its time to get the washing done, the tent and camping gear packed away and for me to start the next blanket.


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  1. Next time we go camping I am soooo bringing bunting. Love it! Glad you enjoyed your time away.