Sunday, August 4, 2013

Getting my Mojo back.....

Recently I've lost my mojo a little.  Not much has been going on in regards to crafting, baking or making.  Life seems to be flying by in a whirl of washing, cooking and cleaning... Oh and quite a few trips to the beach!

Life with two small boys is rather busy at the moment and I have got rather swept up in the everyday boring tasks and I've not felt the urge to create recently.

That all changed last week when I decided that I must get my blanket finished that I started 9 months ago for our camping trip.  As the blanket was rather wide it took me quite a while to do each colour stripe and I've been putting in a good few hours to get it finished ready for our trip.

Well it's finished, and in good time for our camping trip, which we are off on tomorrow.  Here's a few pictures of my progress and the finished product.  I must say I'm really rather pleased with it and can't wait to get snuggled under it on our camping trip.

Oh and after all that crocheting, I think my mojo is back!!

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