Friday, January 11, 2013

Busy doing nothing......

After a flying start to blogging in 2013, I came to a stall towards the end of last week as the husbands been off work and we've been out and about, pottering and just generally having fun.  We've had days out, got jobs done, done a bit of crafting and even fitted in a child free walk and coffee with a friend.  

We've had a day out at The Eden Project which the kids loved as they could run around without having to hold our hands or the fear of being run over and being in the domes meant we kept dry.  We also brought 2 year passes so I'm sure there will be many more visits to enjoy.

We also went to the reclamation yard and picked up a dresser top we'd looked at, and we've been making plans for decorating the kitchen and dining area.  Very excited to have somewhere to store my pretties, but more about that another day.

I've also done a bit of ebaying - buying and selling and had a trawl around the charity shops.  All in all its been a lovely week and we still have the weekend to look forward to.  I brought this lovely gondola basket that I've been eyeing up on ebay for a while and its perfect for carry crochet and knitting projects around the house.  

Another thing I've been getting excited about is being able to use our National Trust membership which we received as a present for Christmas.  There are some lovely houses, a couple of mines and some great beaches down here and I just pray that we have a glorious summer as there is nothing more lovely than sitting in the gardens with a lovely picnic..... fingers crossed!

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