Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Out with the Old...

Happy New Year!! I love this time of year, it feels like a fresh start.  A new year so full of promise and new beginnings.

My blogging has somewhat slipped over the last few months as I feel Christmas has taken over every aspect of my life. My crafting, cooking, shopping and even family days out all seem to have revolved around Christmas.

Not that I’m complaining as I love Christmas and embrace it wholeheartedly.  I am however glad when New Year rolls around and I can pack the decorations away, leaving the house feeling a little bare, but fresher and cleaner.

It’s a time for making plans, looking forward to what the New Year brings and enjoying a slightly slower pace of life. 

Last New Year things felt very bleak due to suffering with post natal depression, but I enter 2013 full of joy, excitement and many, many plans.

Thank you for stopping by, and heres to more blogging in 2013!!!!  

p.s. The hubby has taken the camera to work in the car, so there are no photo's and I haven't been able to update the blog header.  I'm hoping that in 2013 I can get to grips more with my DSLR and I am going to take many more photo's in 2013!


  1. Yes to new year happenings!! And yes to new bloggy/instagramming friends!! Happy new year Emma x

    1. Here, Here! Loving that I found your blog and I have very much enjoyed reading it x