Thursday, August 30, 2012

WIP Wednesday....

OK, so I know its Thursday, but yesterday was a bit of wash out.  The weather was rubbish and I was feeling rather sorry for myself. Also I've not been up to much craft wise this week.

The only thing that I've been doing is my ripple blanket and I am finding it rather addictive.  I'm over half way now and I love the gentle rhythm of the pattern.  I used Lucy's tutorial over at Attic 24 and I love it. 

I am really pleased with my color choices and I think the size is going to be perfect as either a lap blanket or perfect for the boys to snuggle up in, although I am sure that I am going to end up making another at some point as I'm not sure sharing is their strong point.

I am hoping to have a more productive week and need to make some lists and write down some ideas in my new Cath Kidston note book.  I would really like to get a couple of bits and pieces done ready for Christmas and I have a few ideas so I better get them down on paper.

Thanks for reading.

Emma xx  

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